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The importance of light in the ceramic

Innovations in ceramic products are very fast and constant bringing wealth to the construction and design of the most contemporary interior, making this material an element of the highly demanded and admired construction needs. From the ASCER, the Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Ceramic Tiles and Pavimientos, facilitate to us all the constant innovations and solutions for more effective and efficient ceramic products. Among the thousands of characteristics of ceramics, it is remarkable how easly  to create comfortable and bright spaces, thanks to the ability to take advantage of all the qualities of light, such as intensity, color or quality, among others.

We can ensure that more and more designers and architects opt for ceramics for their most innovative projects. Many architects who know how to combine ceramics with light, amaze with innovative concepts developed with sustainable ceramic materials, with the right combination of light.

This new trend of combining light and ceramics, absolutely contemporary, provides all projects successfully executed a superb quality and dazzling designs. Leaving space greatly benefit by combining ceramic and light are small rooms, and thanks to the light can be turned into larger spaces, both using natural and artificial light reflecting this in the pavements, coatings and valances colors clear.

A very important advantage of the light and ceramic binding element is the right choice of ceramic pieces to concentrate the light in those areas to be strengthened or highlight. The finishes in matt or gloss intensify or soften the light, while the tiles with volumes and textures play with this, creating auntenticos center very attractive and innovative care.The spot colors , detoning or degraded ceramic pieces, colors potentiate the nuances and tonalities that match the room lighting,while the ceramic pieces inspired by metal, get flashes or so magical and concrete sensations that only light and ceramics can offer.

In NOOR Ceramics, we know that light and ceramics play an important role and for that  we design rooms for the most demanding customers.

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